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Practice Papers

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KEY: VR = Verbal Reasoning, Set = Full set of 5 papers with tips

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About 11 Plus Practice Papers

Our 11 Plus practice papers cover all the relevant question categories of the 11+ Selective School Entry Exams and are designed to reflect the existing styles of the actual test papers in both the format and the underlying philosophy. However, they are also designed to be more challenging than many other practice papers in the market and indeed the actual exam papers themselves, with a view to better equip the children with the know-how and experience of dealing with the more involved question types that spring up in almost every year's exams.


Currently, 15 Verbal Reasoning papers each with 90 questions (with answers), and 5 Maths papers each with 35 questions on average (with answers are available. Further, Maths papers are being prepared and will be available soon.

English Papers are also being prepared for the relevant 11 Plus Regions to be available by the end of this year.

11 Plus Practice ePapers
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