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Parents' feedback is compiled not only in relation to the subject specific scores achieved, but also through comprehensive analysis of all answers in every question category for all subject areas. Furthermore, the report will also contain chances of success analysis relative to the actual exam month for your region. The default exam date is set to coincide with Essex 11 Plus exams (September 2012).

If your region's exam month and year is different, please make sure that you change these to the correct ones for your 11 Plus region. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide you with an effective feedback and our recommendations will not be based on concrete parameters.

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Registration only takes a few moments. Please make sure that you fill in all the required fields, otherwise the registration process will not be completed. Each required field is marked with a red asterisk. Other fileds are optional.

We use some of the indicated fields to calculate certain parameters that are used in your reports and feedbacks. For example, the exam date (month and year) are vital information which make it possible to relate online test results to the amount of time left before your child's actual 11 Plus exams, as chances of success are indexed to the amount of time left for further revision.

Another vital element is your return e-mail. Once the registration is completed you will receive an e-mail with your automatically created secure loging in password.  

School year on the other hand, will be the benchmark for determining whether or not the scores achieved in not only individual subjects, but also for different topics within the subjects are inline with the levels expected for 11 Pluss success.

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