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6 level graduated sessions during the last two weeks of Aug each year

Essex 11 Plus Boot Camp Classes

The BootCamp courses are designed to reflect the most recent exam format and will span from Monday to Friday. About 15 hours of intensive revision and assessment, tailored to improve the chances of success, with particular emphasis on exam handling, time management skills and score enhancement techniques.

A detailed progress report and last minute recommendations will be provided for the parents.

Please click the more info button for further details and booking instructions.

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Liberate the Excellence

Under exam conditions

Results within 48 hours

Full report within a week

Ranks and Standardised scores

11 Plus Mock Exams

Four CSSE - during July, August, September

One CEM - towards the end of August

CSSE Mocks consist of English and Maths papers designed in accordance with the most recent format for Essex.

CEM Mock incorporates all appropriate sections.

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Most private primary schools make selective secondary or grammar school exam preparation (11 Plus) part of their curriculum, while state schools do not go out of their way to help children to this end as a matter of policy. It is true, therefore, that early state school education attendees are somewhat disadvantaged in the competition for very sparse State Selective School places. Nevertheless, many children are able to break through the barrier, either because they are lucky enough to be highly talented or thanks to their parents concerted efforts.

Prerequisites for Eleven Plus success are determined not only by initiating

and maintaining your child’s desire to be part of that exiting and in all event, rewarding experience, but also by being prepared to afford your child the time and guidance that this undertaking merits.

Unfortunately, only in exceptional cases would a child achieve high enough scores in the 11 Plus Exams after trying his/her hand in just a few practice papers. So, the path to winning the battle does not come easy even for the private school children, as the competition is very tough.

Article Published in 2007

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